5 Reasons Why A Career Change Might Save Your Job During Corona-Quarantine

When your employer showed its true colors the first week of social distancing, what did you see?

Many employers are stepping up to the plate when it comes to how they are handling the response to the coronavirus. Fortunately enough, some employers care about you after you leave the office. Unfortunately, some employees saw a major difference in the activity and communication of their employer in the first week of social distancing. There was a major shift in the workforce in March 2020.

People are looking for jobs more than ever, and companies are taking advantage of grabbing candidates that they otherwise had no chance of hiring. A month ago, unemployment was 3.6% in the US, and employers had hundreds of other companies to compete to recruit you from your current employer. Right now, recruiters are working from home and are getting creative on how to attract you to their job opportunities. Take a moment to evaluate the next steps of your career path, and this might be the best time to connect with recruiters and let them know that you could be in the job market if the opportunity is right.

You can have many jobs in one career. You can also have many careers in a lifetime. Careers tend to be more industry-focused as you can grow within. Jobs are more task-based.

Here are 5 reasons why now is the time for a career change:

  1. Companies removed employees that did not perform well, preventing you from seeing an open role on the job boards.
  2. Recruiters didn’t have access to you before now, and now the promotion you wanted with your current company is available with the next company.
  3. Your job is available in a different career and industry that withstood the first wave of the virus.
  4. You now have time to take personal development courses to develop a more valuable skill set.
  5. The job benefits that you dreamed about are not as valuable as you thought. The next company offers “Work From Home” options and other bonus opportunities.

To quote Mark Cuban, how companies treat workers during a pandemic could define a brand for decades employees. Employees will remember how they were treated during this time. For more info on how to take action, contact a Career Coach (like me) and define a path of what success looks like for you.

Here is a tip on how to use LinkedIn to find your next job.

What are some reasons you would look for a career change? Email me at Travis@HireAE.com